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Creations I am not sure where else they belong, enjoy!

Variations on Kumihimo– at right used as handle for denim purse. The handle is embellished with charlottes that are used in the branch fringe. Surface design on the bag include circular peyote chips and flower sequins, the branched fringe is made with 3 different color bugle bead and 3 mm Swarovski crystals. On left neck wrap is over 5 feet of Kumihimo braid. Ends finished with right angle tassels and wrap embellished with various types of beadwork including peyote circular chips.

At the right headbands decorated with amber chips, sequins, and peyote circular chips (top). Cream headband is beads and sequins. Blue head band has sequins and peyote circular chips.

On the left your glasses will be secure with this study herringbone neck strap with a variety of beads—ll’s, 8’s, 6’s and triangles. The strap has special findings allowing it to be converted to a necklace.