Jbeads-Handcrafted colorful jewelry as unique as you


What outfit is complete without earrings?

These Button Earrings were born when I worked in the Operating Room and dangly earrings were not allowed. The beads are stitched to a beading disk that is later attached to a special post finding. These are a great way to use up beads to match your project. See another color combination on the Contact Me page

These earrings started with some vintage glass pieces I found in a consignment store in NYC, not sure what they used to belong too. I loved play with them. Created a peyote strap with 15’s narrow enough to fit through the center cut out and then went to town with flower sequins.

Inspired by “Holler for Hoops” by Jonna Holston in Bead and Button August 2008. Embellished with flower and square sequins. Go with the Ring of flowers necklace on previous page.

This summer I finally figured out circular peyote and I have gone crazy with it. I kept going around the circle until I got a round that would make a dramatic earring, I hope you agree.