Jbeads-Handcrafted colorful jewelry as unique as you

These feel good around your neck and liven up your outfit


Amber Update

Beads are totally recyclable, this necklace proves it. It came to me a strand of amber chips with knotting between. The owner hated it, looked like teeth! I created circular peyote chips using orange, copper, gold, purple and aqua 11s and the necklace has a whole new look and lots more wardrobe possibilities

Sea Glass 2

Peyote pendant with bits of sea glass secured with free form stitching. Neck strap is double spiral. Close handcrafted toggle and loop


Friendship Beaded Beads the above necklace is made with beaded beads and blue lace gemstone 8 mm rounds. The focal bead is an adaption of a class with Humming Bird Beads. I embellished the white bead with tiny Czech press glass flowers. I made 10 of these focal beads in various color schemes to share with my Florida bead buddies, I hope they are enjoying them.

Ring of Flowers

On the right is a variation on Holler for Hoops. I increased bead size and added flower and square sequins. My new favorites to add to bead projects. See matching earrings on next page.